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A Fresh Perspective on Legacies

Combining our latest technology and years of experience in legacy management, we’ve developed our most comprehensive legacy management solution yet. Built in The GiftedMatrix - our no-code configuration platform - it’s fully cloud-native and has been designed to deliver powerful legacy management software in a surprisingly simple way.

With a clean and modern UI that’s backed by expertise and customisable by each user to make for a seamless experience - Welcome to Gifted Legacies - supporting legacy marketing programmes, keeping in touch with pledgers and the detailed process administering the legacy from probate to completion. Here to shine a light on a fresh perspective on legacy marketing and administration.


Cater to the needs of your organisation - without having to compromise.

Accessible cloud software without limits.

Our flexible cloud software means that Gifted Legacies can always be easily scaled to cater to the needs of charities of any size. Smaller organisations don’t need to miss out on powerful elements of the software or pay extortionate prices for only a small number of users. Large organisations can glide through volume with ease, and increase capacity whenever they need to. With no physical implementation or set up required, you can also access your Gifted Legacies application securely from anywhere, on any device.

The complex processes of Legacy Administration and Marketing - Understood

Legacy Management. Simplified.

Notification of a single legacy bequest can bring about a significant change in a charity’s fortunes. Legacies needn’t just trickle in - in fact, a well-crafted legacy marketing strategy can, over time increase notifications significantly. Gifted Legacies supports the intricate art of administering the legacy from probate to completion, as well as driving legacy marketing programmes and facilitating keeping in touch with pledgers.



Interaction Tracking

A snapshot

Key features

Unlimited Legacy Elements

Specific, Pecuniary, Life-Interest, Revisionary and Combination.

Assets and Liabilities

Properties, shares, cash, investments other assets, expenditure items. Valuations and valuation history.

Automation with a Sensitive Touch

Email and word processing templates for every event in the legacy journey.

Allocate to Caseworkers

If you’re fortunate enough to manage many legacies, allocate them to a team and individual caseworkers.

Making Rigid Legacy Management a thing of the past.

Clunky, Unweildy Software Is History.

Gifted Legacies is ready to be implemented as an 'out of the box' solution, completely scalable (up and down) and all set for you to begin using straight away. Fully fitted with all of the features you'll need to make every part of the legacy process efficient and straightforward to carry out, Gifted Legacies makes the slow implementation and set up times of rigid legacy software history.

With a fresh and modern UI that can also be customised by the user to look and feel exactly how they want it to - from reflecting company branding to accommodating the preferences of individual users - your legacy application is backed by powerful, professional software with a personal touch.


Enhance your reach and mean more.

Marketing Made Easy

A well designed Legacy marketing strategy can lead to significant returns and help to ensure the continued success of your legacy program. With Gifted Legacies, the automation of appropriate communication plans while maintaining a sensitive touch allows you the freedom to benefit fully from the work you put into legacy marketing.

  • Create multi-segmented, highly-targeted promotional mailings 
  • Stream enquirers and pledgers into appropriately-tailored communication plans; issue enquirers with information packs automatically.
  • Promote causes in which the legator has a particular interest; define and associate appropriate services and schemes as part of the legacy management process.
  • Plan and programme legacy marketing events.


A snapshot

Key Features

Supports Legacy Related Schemes

Link legacy funding to services you provide such as education and care of children, animal welfare etc.

Curate your Intenders, Legators and Pledgers

Information events, newsletters, personal visits

Guided Forms

Guided Forms to quickly set up new notifications

Explore, Forecast and Analyse

Explore your legacy data, summarise, chart and extract what you need. Legacy reports - Your Way.

Capture, Automate and Alert - Efficiently

Administration - Streamlined

The detailed and intricate art of Legacy Administration demands an application that can keep up. Capture information down to the finest detail and view it all in one place, automate time-consuming processes and set up smart alerts. Gifted Legacies ensures you’re never out of touch with your pledgers.

  • Capture legacy details including will and codicil dates and estate value
  • Automatically remove contacts from all communications on receipt of a death notification;  immediately alert selected colleagues and teams.
  • Capture notifications from Smee and Ford
  • Capture details of other charities named, identify lead charity and manage and share communications.
  • Capture contact details and communicate with next of kin and executors
  • Capture estimated value and details of the life party
  • Create steps and checklists to progress legacy administration
  • Record every communication and change to a legacy
  • Claim Gift Aid on estate income 

Key Feature Spotlight

Legator 360

Taking a more detailed look at one of our most important key features: The Legator 360. Gifted Legacies understands that Administrators need to view a plethora of information about each legacy, and it must be organised in a way that suits themThe Legator 360 elegantly combines a clear professional display with personal customisability.

  • A Customisable View of the legator when you need.
  • Highlight key statements of the legacy.
  • All the critical information you need at a glance.
  • Understand the full relationships of the legator. 
  • Executors, Next of Kin, Named Persons, Life Interest, Solicitors, Beneficiary Charities.


Manage and monitor all interactions - Sensitively

Easily Keep Track of Every Interaction

Every interaction matters in the marketing and administration of legacies and losing track of any communication can impact your relationships. Never lose touch with Gifted Legacies' Interaction Tracker:

  • Schedule meetings, diarise tasks and be reminded
  • Keep a full audit of all correspondence
  • Communicate sensitively with next of kin and other interested parties using specialised correspondence templates
  • Capture Legacy enquirers through your website and feed directly into Gifted Legacies

A snapshot

Key Features

Restricted Income Management

Post Accruals to your Accounting System

Integrate with HMRC IHT Calculator

Inheritance Tax Estate Reports

It's Legacy Management, and so much more.

Powered By GiftedMatrix

Gifted Legacies has been built in The GiftedMatrix to demonstrate its capabilities and our expertise in Legacy Management specifically. However, with GiftedMatrix, there really are no limits.

Below are examples of other processes that began as Ideas in the GiftedMatrix and have been developed into comprehensive Applications in their own right. Your Gifted Solution can be configured to include any number of these powerful features, many of which will be added to the list of 'Gifted Solutions' soon.

Add features and build around your Legacy application to accommodate any other processes your organisation needs control over.  




Project Management



Complaints Management


Whatever you need - Without compromise

Built For You

Start with Legacies and build in an Enquiry and helpline system, or include all of the features needed for you to carry out your engagements fully from the beginning. GiftedMatrix allows you to add and customise any features you require, giving you the power to cover everything your organisation needs to dynamically.

Grow and develop your application when you choose to, defining and refining as you go. Never fall short with the backing of GiftedMatrix. 

Find out more!

Ask us anything; whether it's more info on the product, a demo or even that elusive family life story of our founders.

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